Anchor for my Soul

The Altitude of Our Attitude Part 2

The altitude of our attitude will determine the character of the fruit in our lives. Part 2

Increased tolerance and complacency, co-existence with sin, step by step lowers the shield of God’s protection, provision, replacing it with His judgements.

There is a difference between defiance and restoration.  Restoration is replacing bricks with bricks, defiance is replacing bricks with hewn stone.

The real issue is in the refusal to rebuild God’s original with His exact pattern and purpose and plan.  The tragedy is after a while of continually altering God’s design, we find we have replaced God as the only architect and contractor in the building of our lives.  Eventually we have made Him a subcontractor, subject to our instructions, resulting in something we consider more attractive and practical to us  personally yet having no strength roots to stand the storms of life.  Storms test, strengthen, establish us in our faith and enlarge and enrich the quality and durability of the fruits in our lives.
No longer seeing the original as adequate, refusing to locate and correct the cause of the calamity, we will instead redefine what is right and wrong and push ourselves over the cliff of destruction. If instead we deal only with surface symptoms, then we insure the increasing growth of the root problem.  It is only when the root is dealt with (by confession, repentance) does remission and restoration take place.

Many of the damaging decisions our government makes in the laws it passes and the legal decisions it puts into place were not all done with evil intent.   They truly thought that these superficial measures would, if not permanently, would at least temporarily correct the situation until by a natural sequence of events everything would return to normal.  Unfortunately, we have adopted without being aware of it,  an attitude that redefined what is normal and approved by God.  Anything we accept as normal that God does not is subject to the consequences of His disapproval.

There are two shakings that take place in the lives of non-Christians as well as compromised Christians.  The first is intended  to lead to repentance, followed by remission, concluding in restoration.  The second leads to the judgements of God.