Anchor for my Soul

“Not my will, but thine be done”

1 Peter 1

Sanctification: Set Apart.

Know your enemy

Know can mean several things…identify or experience him

God’s hand is on us just as strong in the storm as when we are at rest.  We need to treat our time of rest with the same caution as when we are actively ministering.  Do not allow ourselves to be disgraced, diverted, or compromised by the unknown wages of sin and trouble we  find ourselves in.

God’s elect  are strangers in the world

John 17:17-19

2 Thes 2:13 2:17 Bound to give thanks for you

The fore knowledge of God is different than predestination. God would that none would perish…God intended for all mankind to be save,  but he knew who would and who would not…He even knew when.   This doesn’t mean He is taking away any choice…God is making a way.  He sets us aside, but we need to set ourselves aside and walk in His will.  We can’t come into His presence unless we are invited. We cannot make ourself holy.  The rich young ruler tried to do that. Why do we prefer to live on our own? We don’t want to submit to the holy character of God.  He opens the door, but we need to walk through the doorway through the sanctifying ability of the Holy Spirit.  He can identify the rot and the affairs of life that God will deal with.   We are sanctified and set apart. How do we know? We know because the voice of the Holy Spirit is peace.

All 3 members of the trinity are active in our sanctification…the Father called, Jesus cleanses us with His blood, and Holy Spirit does the work of sanctification…He sprinkles the blood.  The Holy Spirit is the hand of God in the heart of the believer.

Grace and peace be yours in abundance…does not mean we have abundance on the outside… we may not be able to tell by our environment or our future…the natural mind fights the unknown because it can’t control it.  We are saved because God is with us.  He removes the spirit of fear and then hope comes in.  Perfect love casts out all fear.  It is in the journey into the unknown that we learn to trust the Lord. Once we anticipate disaster, we can create a disaster and destruction.   We must guard ourselves in times of rest and in times of war. We must take our thoughts captive. We haven’t engaged the angels as we should…the spirit world knows our weaknesses.  The peace of God is in the heart, not necessarily the head.  Where he invites us, he will provide the means.  The scars of our warfare are reminders, the Spirit of God and the Word of God changes things. Our memory reminds us of the victory, not the despair, the power and the peace.  No peace, no joy, no joy, no strength.  In due season, God manifests His faithfulness.  We resent the suffering we go through for our faith, but it is the faithful sufferings of Christians that creates the wick for the Holy Spirit to burn for the world to see. He didn’t die for any reason except to love us.  Lord, let my life be a reflection of your love.

:3 mercy unmerited favor…a living hope ..a living Holy Spirit… it remove all fear of death…by his resurrection, he has made a way and a door. We never have to face anything alone. We have assurance that we will overcome because He has overcome. He doesn’t expect us to do anything but our part…to follow… not to go before.

We have an inheritance incorruptible …never perishes, spoisl, fades, wears out, tarnishes

We are shielded through Gods power until the coming of salvation.

:6. We can greatly rejoice through faith….in this promise, this fact…it is a reality. We suffer grief and trials for only a little while compared to eternity.  In the time of my weakness, I will draw near to you and get to know you.  In the suffering, we are investing in the kingdom…keep on praying, keep on being thankful, thank God in every problem, not for it.  Pray effectively and unencumbered. Be a thermostat, not a thermometer

We need to know the scriptures so we can understand how God has addressed the issues of our lives previously.  When Jesus Christ has been revealed, then we have evidence of why we know, not for what we see.  He doesn’t have to prove anything.  How do we know?  We know Him in our hearts…

The goal of our faith is the salvation of our souls, locked by the power of sin, unable to free our soul to be who we really are. Christ has the key that sets us free…we have the choice. We are no longer at the mercy of something outside of ourselves.  God says we need to take ownership of our sins and our faith.  The blood is effective when applied.

Even angels have longed to look at such things.

How do people keep going on with the same hope, from old testament until now? “Not my will, but thine be done.” Losing ourselves in order to find it.  Whatever part is redirecting us from His will….we ask Him to destroy it…We say, God…You are more important.  God sees the anchor of the soul and the cry of the spirit. God bring it to the place where we say it and mean it. “Not my will, but thine be done.”