Anchor for my Soul

God Knows Our Shipwrecks

Acts 27 (NIV)

1Tim 1:18,19 (NIV)

By following the words previously given to you, you may fight the good fight.  You will never arrive at your destination, if you never leave in the first place.  You can talk about it, but if you never launch out from the dock you won’t get to where you are going.  On most voyages a storm will be encountered.

They decided to plot their own course and devise their own methods. Some start out with faith in Jesus Christ and when they got a word from the Lord, they thought they would automatically get there, but God had the journey totally  planned out ahead of time, from beginning to the end.  Some blame the situation on the enemy, not taking the time to ask god the source and purpose of this apparent difficulty, and they shipwreck their faith.  Somewhere along the line, they get off track.  A shipwreck is when a life has been ruined, and all the cargo lost.  Some people live in a shipwrecked life, but God restores that which “the cankerworm has eaten”.

The one hope they had is gone, everything is all terrible;  they made a mess of their life. But God knows how to salvage.  Salvagers will bring up a sunken ship, and bring it into dry dock.  We need a dry dock experience…. We need to be pulled out of the water.  The things that drag and cause friction, the barnacles of life, need to be scraped away.  Ships are refitted, restocked and repainted in dry dock.  We need to take ownership of our shipwreck.  We must take instructions.  The Word is about the purpose of God and how He wants to use us…it is not about us and how we want to use God.

Acts 27:1

It was a long journey…Paul had a destination in mind.  He knew it was a bad time of the year and he was a prisoner. He had  already gained favor with his captors. Nevertheless, Paul did not have a prisoner mentality.  They may have been his captors, but that did not make them his enemy.   Mentally, the one who is in charge over you is the enemy.  But Paul  was a prisoner of his calling.  They opposed his message, but Paul really had the whole ship of captors captive.  All focus was on him.  He was never caught up with wealth or things.  Paul’s focus was on his journey. In the natural, he was physically their captive, but in reality, they were all captives who were to personally experience God.  God may, in His mercy, save some one’s life, but that doesn’t guarantee that they will become saved.

Paul was not in control of the situation, but he was in control of his response to his call regardless of the situation.(Romans 8:28).   God puts the candle in a place to demonstrate God’s will…to expose that place to the presence of God.  Paul says that he is going to minister the word of God to those around him…he warned his captors. Why would God show Paul about the storm, when he knew they wouldn’t listen? His message, later, had much more validity…enabling Paul to speak life. The Word. supernaturally, steps in…They are at the total mercy of the storm…They tossed out a sea anchor; (some anchors are made to drag, and others are made to catch hold).

No sun or stars appeared for many days and they were a long time without food… A time when many of us get so discouraged we give up all hope of being rescued.

Keep up your courage so you don’t give up because safety is at hand…

“Neverthelesswe must run aground on some island”

God knew about the foolish decisions men would make.  Even though Paul wasn’t in a decision making position, the delay had a purpose, God had a purpose in that delay.

Those affected would never have encountered God.  We can be so focused on our destination that we miss moments of opportunity. We must realize that God is going to use us in the lives and eternal destination of others.

The place ministers to the individual.  Paul experiences something that he hadn’t experienced before.  God wanted this account written…this is for our profit.  The things in our lives will be points of reflections, or things we tell our children.  The delays of calling become the opportunities of maturing.  Crewmen are taking things a lot more seriously…even though they may not have been converted.  Paul operated out of courage and faith, not fear.  His courage and faith were his strength.  God said it so, that settled it. He was able to say (:25) keep up your courage because I have heard from God. Paul is secure in the Lord.

Unless these men stay with the ship, you will not be saved…God will control the elements…you control the rest.

Someone took charge of the element of fear…arrested fear and gave sound instruction. (:36) they were encouraged.  Paul took control of the situation.

The bow stuck fast and would not be moved…prophecy fulfilled.

The ship had to break up for the men to have planks to float in on…wreckage has life saving possibilities.   Stock market may totally wipe a person out, or they may  work through it…The 2nd time around we will learn lessons.