Anchor for my Soul

For such a time as this…part 35

Bible Study March 17, 2021

The effectualness of the anointing and the power of the Lord is not determined by our age. Our flesh affects our senses, but we operate on a spiritual plane. He is touched by the feelings of our infirmities. We experience the heart of God everyday. The depth of the intensity of our feelings are known by God. In Luke 8, in the woman with the issue of blood, He calls her daughter. We are the object of His deep affection. We need to hear someone call us daughter and son. Healing happens physically and emotionally when we know our identity. Because we have God within us, we know He hurts even worse because of the intensity of His love for us. John 4:4 (Samaritan Woman meets Her Messiah) Conviction needs to guide us to the Lord with our heart, not just our mind. When our conversation goes to the place where it is not even audibly perceived, then we receive peace and the answer. There is a way that God has given us to know how to deal with our moment at the well. We struggle in our Christian walk sometime from the prejudices of others. We need to release the stuff we are holding on to and lean on the wisdom of God’s timing and purpose. We want to be effectual in our faith and prayer life. Nothing in our life is concealed, so He can deal with the problem and flood us with His goodness and mercy. When God cleanses us continually, its for producing healing, deliverance, and holiness. He never speaks harshly. Hear the tone of His heart. He has us in His arms, embracing us and using the blood of Jesus to cleanse us. He delivers us from the things that have plagued us for years. We are not going drag any baggage into the future. When we are threatened by the enemy, we need to rebuke him and tell him the truth of who God is and what He has done for us. Thank the Lord. We speak to ourselves and the enemy that the Word of God is true. Walking hand in hand and embraced in His arms.