Anchor for my Soul

Thoughts to consider

February 24, 2021

  1. Shame encourages isolation
  2. Unhealthy natural or spiritual habits cause us to cover up our insecurities.
  3. People tend to put on another identity that people and the world will accept.
  4. We must deal with our insecurities. Why? How?
  5. We cannot change the struggle with law. We struggle with how we see ourselves until we let God give us our identity as He sees us and calls us by name.
  6. The scale in our bathroom tells us the truth. The truth can be somewhat inaccurate if we are clothed by our insecurities but true in our honest confession of our faults. Letting shame fall from us and forgiveness fall on us as we move onward, forgiven and cleaned. transparent and righteous before God.
  7. The second commandment, “Love your neighbor as yourself”, is the true measure of how we feel about yourself.
  8. The love of God, accepting, believing, repentance is the only thing that can wash all the impurities within us…including shame. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.
  9. Stop and talk to your creator, then be silent and listen to Him.
  10. Open up to God and drop your guard.
  11. One of the biggest reasons many of us are so angry with the world is that we are angry and disappointed with ourselves. We tend to be ourselves because we are ashamed and feel guilty about those things we do not want others to know lest they pass judgement.
  12. There is not one thing that mankind knows or experiences pertaining to salvation that will not be challenged in our lifetime after some time. Tell me the positive and negative of this truth.
  13. When you think about it, everything God has created is for a purpose without exception. That includes all of mankind, and creation. Write your thoughts on this.