Anchor for my Soul

For such a time as this…part 26

Bible study 12/16/2020

We are all together, not in the same room but the same heart.

Finding our balance.

James 1:8 Double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Things want to distract our focus…even good things. We need to stay constant in the source of our help. We are challenged by many things. We can’t cope with things coming at us all at once. Sometimes we have all kinds of feelings…fear, anxiety. We need to be single minded without excluding anything. Too much excess will be counterproductive in our testimony. Ask God to quicken to us the right priority. We may be ineffective when we try to handle too many things. We need to come before the Lord and give Him our situation…giving us peace body, soul and spirit in balance when we submit it to the Lord. We can’t anticipate things sometime but the Lord prepares the path before us. If we are attacked in a way of temptation, the Lord will reveal it to us and hold our hand as He helps us walk through it. He will use the situation to teach us and we demonstrate to others our willingness to surrender to the Lord. We are more than conquerors. Let the Holy Spirit quicken our mind, guide us and correct us. Let’s try to not waste a moment of speaking love, being an act of kindness. The footsteps we leave on the sands of time will show the direction we are going and where we came from.