Anchor for my Soul

For such a time as this…part 05

Bible Study 7/13/2020

Isaiah 41:9 You whom I have taken from the ends of the earth I have chosen you and not cast you away

We are saved upon the invitation of Father God. If He had not called us, we would have to strive for salvation through works. God says I have chosen you, He has equip us for it and will walk hand in hand. The enemy would like to set us up for an ambush and lead us to a place that is unproductive and even destructive. The obstacles are there because the Lord is with us and teaching us. We cannot be a child of God with out submission and repentance.

Ponder this: What does God look like? How can we see God when no man can see God. How can we know God if we don’t see Him. You experience all three, The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit. Jesus doesn’t do anything unless the Father tells Him. Christ built a bridge between us and the heart of the Father through the Holy Spirit. Jesus is very empathetic for us. When something is out of control in our life, the Lord weeps. . The Father says, I want to introduce My heart back into mankind. God reveals part of His identity in His creation. We want to see the invisible God. The invisible God has made himself visible to our hearts. Have a moment of contemplation,

Ponder this: How is it possible to say yes Lord, before you ever hear him say anything?

EZ 33:6 We need to be watchmen. The watchmen needs to blow the trumpet to warn the people. We need to pray for the spiritual state, not just the environment we are in. We need to deliver people from their bondages not just they troubles. We need Rhema by prayer and intercession. It is in intercession that the power of the Holy Spirit comes to give us His passion for the people of the world. The Spirit of God brings us into oneness. We need to contend because they can’t. We don’t like to be around certain people, it’s hard. God instills an attitude, He quickens us to function in the call of our heart…moving out of the way we used to be into a person He wants us to be. It is a journey with God.

Discussion from 2020 Mandates for Ministers by Paul Tucker

Prophetic directives: Mark the first word: must, seek, observe, help, break

4. Break limitation of bearing fruit. John 15:1-8 Bear fruit, more fruit, much fruit The last is where He is glorified. The limitations are how close we are to Him. Its about our thought lives and attitudes.

5. Unlock impending mindsets, overcome with the mind of Christ 1 Cor 2:12-16 Looking at things the way God does. God doesn’t take that first step, we need to…look at our promises and commitments and take that first step. We have to just do it. Godly character comes by surrendering.

6. Preparing believers for their heavenly calling rather than the short-term career. Col 3:1-10 Pass the mantle of prayer and blessing not only to our children, but our spiritual children as well.